I add cloudfare as for dns server and now page doesnt show up

Good afternoon, i recently added cloudfare as my webserver in my regestry dns but now doest show up, website is rouk.cl , please i need help, thanks in advanced.

I see the page just fine. I assume you have a cached record which will go away on it’s own or by clearing the DNS cache.

Thanks Matteo for you answered, but I realized that I had to put the SSL in full in the Cloudflare options, that was the issue, cheers.

You shouldn’t set it to Flexible…

The problem if I use flexible doesnt work

Now its in full and working, thanks

You need to add a certificate on the origin, as this is a totally insecure setup.

In the guide there are steps to take, ideally you should strive for full (strict).

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How can i install a certificate?

That’s something for the host to answer. Each server has different requirements, I can’t help you…

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