I Active SSL On Main DOmain But i Dont Want Active SSL on Sub Domain Plz Help

dear i just Active SSL on main domain but i dont Want Active SSL on Subdomain Please Help me how can remove SSL on Sub Domain


Hi, you can create a page rule that disables SSL for the subdomains.
You can find more info on creating page rules here:


hello dear i just create page rules but its not working

Hi, instead of “Automatic HTTPS Rewrite”, try the “SSL” option, I think it is the very last one.

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yes but its only one page working , i just want whole Subdomain :frowning:

This should do it:
live.buffstream1.com/* SSL: off

Or even *.buffstream1.com/* (if you want every subdomain to have SSL disabled).

Edit: Sorry, I just saw your domain is redirecting http to https for the subdomain too, so yeah. You would also need the one you had created before, disabling HTTPs rewrite for the subdomain, just adjust the URL to live.buffstream1.com/* and it should be fine.


i disable https rewriting now its Okay please check sir

Seems to work. You might need to clean your cache or access from another browser to check though.
Also, you might want to create a rule setting the “Always use HTTPs” for your domain: buffstream1.com/*


i create check out sir https://prnt.sc/td43ys

You are such a super man love u sir

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Had the same issue as OP, thanks for the solution!

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