I accidentally deleted my A record

I just changed my name servers to CLOUDFLARE from GO DADDY - so I could point my domain name to SamCart site - but I accidentally deleted my A records -and now I have no idea how to add it back. Please help! How can I find out what the A record should be.

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Ok well how do I get a new A record? I think my domain name won’t point to a website without it correct?

An A record (Address Record) points a domain or subdomain to an IP address

You can add a " A record" by going to - https://dash.cloudflare.com
and then going to the DNS section .

and then select A record

then type the name and the IPv4 address
and you are done

I hope this helps :+1:

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Ok thank you! I really appreciate you helping me! How do I know what I so what number to type for the IPv address? What number do I put in there?

I had my domain name pointed to a Square Space Site - but now I need to point it to a Sam Cart site. Not sure what number to put in there. Is there a way I can look up what number to use. I’m really worried I messed this up. Oh dear!

I was trying to delete an old CNAME record to put in a new CNAME record- and instead deleted the A record. Ugh!! Thanks for helping me. #slightlypanicked

Ha Ha! If you want to point your domain to SamCart then you would get the details from your SamCart dashboard.


Instead of adding an A record, you should add a CNAME and then add the host detail, you would get the host detail’s from SamCart.

I hope it helps :+1:

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OK that really sounds like a good plan - but I’m not sure where to find that in the SamCart dashboard - do you think I should be able to find something that says “A Record” and has a number in the SamCart dashboard? Sorry for the all the questions! I just don’t see anything in the dashboard the references the A record.

Here is my internal URL with samcart: Bum Bag by Ditty Co | Woohoo Agency

I’m trying to launch this product tonight for Black Friday (it’s a brand new product) and I can’t get over the shock that I deleted the A record. I need more sleep.

Yes ! I understood that you want to point your own custom domain, but you won’t get to see anything like A record, instead, I believe you should see something called " custom domain " or
"your domain ", then you would get to see all developer details,
for more info visit here - Using Custom Domains in SamCart : SamCart Knowledge Base

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and by the way, to point your domain to samcart you dont have to create an A record , you have to create a CNAME.

Name: www ( or if you want to use a subdomain then type it in place of www)

Domain: custom.samcart.com

above are the details you need to put in the CNAME record
Let me know if it helps

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Ok I will look at that link!

I want to point my domain name dittyco.com to my SamCart site (currently at this domain: Bum Bag by Ditty Co | Woohoo Agency)

OK I did this




So , did it work ?

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but when I click there it does not work https://www.dittyco.com/

Maybe the problem is the SSL is not set up?

Share a screenshot of your DNS page , there is no prob with SSL

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I can see that you have not added any CNAME record for www.dittyco.com, so your domain won’t point to SamCart.

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