Hyperdrive source IP for Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean managed database requires source IP and we are not comfortable adding a rule - if we Add IP Ranges in the DO console will this work?

Hyperdrive doesn’t use the IP ranges published on the Cloudflare website and doesn’t actually publish any consistent ranges at all. That may change in future.

You may be able to talk to the team directly on Discord https://discord.gg/cloudflaredev in the #hyperdrive channel.

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Thanks @Erisa

I found an answer in the Discord

We currently use the same shared/untrusted pool of IPs that Warp uses. We’re planning to onboard to a dedicated (trusted) IP address space for egress, but that’s not slated til Q3.

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For the record, Added the untrusted Cloudflare ips from the site (IP Ranges) and the connection works

It may work (and that’s news to me!) but wouldn’t be guaranteed to continue working until the work you mentioned ships. So it’s at your own risk so to speak.

I understand, can hyperdrive work using CF tunnels?

Here is the thread in Discord for reference

Not currently, but it’s a planned future feature - mentioned in the blog and from a past message by the product team in Discord.

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