Human verification doesn't work properly


Since few months, EACH times I’m trying to login on some website using cloudfare check, I should click on “Verify you are human” more than FIVE times. I just let it run TEN times on openai. The issue come on spigotmc too or others website that I just closed because I could not access to it …

It’s very disturbing, and it take lot of times each re-try… I’m not using any VPN, I’m on Windows 10 and with french operator.

Hi @arpetzouille, could you click on the Cloudflare logo 5 times until it shows a QR code and post a screenshot of it here so we can investigate? Thanks!

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Sure, I will do next time I will have a cloudfare page. Jus, can the ray ID be enough ?

Yes, that’s enough, thanks! The suggestion I made was in case you were seeing this behavior with Turnstile.

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I just get a raw ID that can help you: 77fc5bf91a48916e

That’s quite helpful, we’ll address this in a future release. Thanks!

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