Huge Spike in Bounce Rate!

Since adding our site to Cloudflare, we’ve seen a worrying increase in bounce rate from historical 1% to over 40%.

We made no changes to the auto detected DNS settings and site appears to be working / displaying correctly on our devices.

We can only assume it’s not displaying correctly to some users.

Desperately need to find a fix, so any help advice would be much appreciated

I think you just fixed your bounce rate, 1% is way too low.

What’s the Average Bounce Rate?

Most websites will see bounce rates fall somewhere between 26% and 70%. The average bounce rate for the websites in my sample set was 49%. The average bounce rate for all visits in the set was 45%. I threw out the outliers—the 1% bounce rates. The highest bounce rate was 90.2%; the low (from a properly functioning profile) was 27.33%. The low across all (including broken implementations) was 1.23%.

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