Huge Performance Problem with Cloudflare

Hi All.

Something is very Bad with the Performance at Cloudflare.

I have disabled for specific URL’s Path the Routes to Workers.
The Request once hit the Cloudflare POP should go direct to my Origin as i serve for this specific url’s dynamic content and there is no need to use any workers.

When i check now the Time to Forst Byte for this route the Performance is Very Very Bad even the request should go direct to my Origin it looks like in most cases it is delayed by Cloudflare by around half a second before anything happens.

See here very Bad Cloudflare Performance for Requests that should go direct to Origin:

When i disable the Cloudflare CDN and instead all request go direct to my Origin without the CDN
the Performance increases dramaticaly and proves that Cloudflare is slowing Down Requests to the Origin very Bad !

This need to get Fixed ASAP !
It destry Web Vitals and makes my dynamic webpageas disapear !

It’s hard to analyse if we don’t know the domain. Since you regularly post here, you should already know :wink:


Hi M4rt1n

This is a global Problem and does not affect only my domain.

Everyone can test it itself and should get same bad Cloudflare performance resulst like i posted.

Disable the route for a specific url path so the request goes direct to the origin ( in my case the origin server is based in europe switzerland)

Make the Request and you will get very bad performance for this request becouse of Cloudflare.

Disable Cloudflare full and make the same Request and you should see that performance is very good again.

This very Bad Cloudflare Performance destroys recently the visibility to all dynamic webpages.

Here is Evidence from Google !


For some very strange reason Cloudflare slows down origin requests and destroys the performance in a huge way which is very bad.

Visitor Requests from Switzerland that are going to Cloudflare to the Origin Server hosted in Switzerland need 1000% longer which is insane.

What has Cloudflare done to destroy the Performance for this Origin Requests ?

I don’t think so.

If it were a global problem, then I would face the problem as well, but I do not.

This is not evidence for anything. Just a chart, completely extracted out of its context and without any reference to what is shows.

I highly doubt, that this is Cloudflares fault.

Here are my tests (transparent and independently provable):

(last value “Total”, is the ammount of time it took, to completely download the page with all its content)

(hard to find any request that is in the 3-digits)

And since you have not provided us with a domain, I can’t proceed helping you since the discrepancy between:

  1. What you say and what evidence you provide (which is completely out of context)
  2. What I can measure and see myself

is just too big and requires debugging, which again you make impossible by withholding information.


I just checked your Example and it just returns a Cached Hit for Cloudflare.
It does not make any request to a Origin server in my opinion

See Evidence here:

i am speaking about Requests to a Origin Server and not cached by Cloudflare.

Your Example does not make Requests to the Origin Server it just return a cached results and by this
can not be compared.

See the result of a Request to a Origin Server it should look like this
to be able to comapre the performance:

See Diference in the CF-Cache-Status !

Your is HIT
My is Dynamic

So your results do not prove anything.
My results prove that there is a problem with origin request at Cloudflare.

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Ofc… now it is, after I run the tests it will hit in cache, for all second requests. You can not test my pages since I did not clear the cache for you to hit a first request.

Here, have fun with a strictly dynamic page: Measure TTFB from 35 Locations -

Seems like on my side it’s always greener, than on yours :wink:


Yes now i see your Dynamic Webpage has not the Problems with the TTFB i have.

That is very strange.

Okey will write you the domain so you can debug it over PM.

Maybe the Problem lies with Origin SSL or the ISP ?
Becouse when i turn off Cloudflare the Problem with the TTFB disapears.

No need for anymore…

Both on the same server?
All I can say is: it’s not a Cloudflare problem and I think I have proven it, since it then must be reproducable on my sites aswell. Since I have all plans of Cloudflare I can run multiple tests to see is there is a problem somewhere. ATM there are no problems.

If this is the website/domain of one of your clients then actually you should be able to figure out where the problem lies. Not a Cloudflare problem anymore. Q. E. D.

Yes need to figure out this problem.
You dont have this problems with ttf.
Thank you very much for proving that.
It helps me a lot to isolate the problem more.

It is very strange when i bypass Cloudflare that this problem with very high TTFB goes away.

So ISP could be not the Problem when testing the TTFB without Cloudflare.
Webserver is also not the Problem when testing TTFB without Cloudflare.

Only leaves out that there is a Problem with the ISP in combination with Cloudflare.

Will open a ticket and see if there is some kind of problem between Cloudflare and the isp.

Will write more back when have more informations.

Just wanted report that i could reproduce the very bad Cloudflare Performance
with a another new unused domain at Cloudflare that just print dynamicly 1 line with php.

It uses HTTP and not HTTPS to prevent any possible problems realted to SSL

One time it makes a request to a test.php script with Cloudflare Proxy CDN Enabled and has a very bad TTFB Performance.

And one time it makes a request to the same test.php script with Cloudflare Proxy CDN Disabled and has the good TTFB values.

Here the very Bad test Results with Enabled Cloudflare CDN Proxy

And here the good Test Results with Disabled Cloudflare CDN Proxy

Something is Clearly not working Right when CDN Proxy is enabled and Requests to the Origin need to be maked.

It points everything towards a Problem between Cloudflare and ISP

Still can’t reproduce your issue.

:grey: (

:orange: (

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I’ve seen issues like this caused by some small-scale datacenter providers throttling the traffic from certain Cloudflare IP’s. This results in traffic for domains :orange: proxied through Cloudflare having a higher TTFB and overall slower speeds.

Not sure if thats the issue but it’s a guess as to why you’d be having a high TTFB when :orange: but a low TTFB when :grey:. It may not be the datacenter itself but could also be the ISP of the datacenter throttling it.

Can you setup a vhost or alias for on your same Switzerland server, and put a simple index.html file to serve. I’ll setup a test.


Thank you very much for your tests.

Its Crazy that you get different results for the same Test case.

This whole thing does not make any sense.

I can reproduce the problem.

Would be great if other can click on the Links here and report back what for results they got.

Thank you very much for your Help!
I will gladly make a vhost on my server and write you in next 60 Minutes back here.
Best regards.

Please post your output for: here, so we can see how you get routed etc.

Just tested, @seoworks is right.

Looks like random throttling of requests by some ISP/data centers based on CF IPs ??

I am testing from India using this link
Measure TTFB from 35 Locations - SpeedVitals

Some snapshots -

Tried a few times, and everytime its slow.

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Hi @user2765

I just setup a vhost on the same server for the domain
Its not a https but only http to avoid create ssl certificates and additional problems.

You only need to make a A DNS record now and you should be able to access the following files

The php file are just 1 liner print commands that prints simple text and exit.

Please Check Private Message for DNS IP Adresse.

Thank you in advance for testing the problem.

I tryed send you Private Message but Cloudflare says it is not possible.

The DNS Adress is same like for aka ...

Thanks a lot for the testing.

Ok, I’ll setup.

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Hi @M4rt1n

here is the output:

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/101.0.4951.64 Safari/537.36

Thanks a lot for the helpful testing

Hi @navneet-singh

Thank you very much for the testing and the confirmation of the Problem with the very bad Cloudflare Performance.

Really strange that Cloudflare Origin Requests get 1000% slowed down.