Huge Empty Content Type & blank page

*We have the following problems:
-Huge Empty Content Type (see the screen shots)
-Many 4xx error
-Many blank page and we need to re-click 1-2 times (see the HAR files)

Here is the trace of
uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/98.0.4758.82 Safari/537.36

Here are our setting on Cloudflare

-Your SSL/TLS encryption mode is Full (strict)

-SSL/TLS Recommender - OFF
-Always Use HTTPS - On

HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS)
Enforce web security policy for your website.
Status: On
Max-Age: 6 months (Recommended)
Include subdomains: On
Preload: On

-Minimum TLS Version - TLS 1.0(default)
-Opportunistic Encryption - On
-TLS 1.3- On
-Automatic HTTPS Rewrites - OFF
-Certificate Transparency Monitoring - OFF

Origin Server
Authenticated Origin Pulls - OFF

II.For Firewall setting is as follows:
-Security Level - Medium
-Action -Simulate
Page Shield - OFF

The “On” setting items are as follows:
-Privacy Pass Support
-Web Application Firewall
-Cloudflare Managed Ruleset (ALL)
Package: OWASP ModSecurity Core Rule Set(ALL)

Configure Super Bot Fight Mode
-Definitely automated -allow
-Verified bots - allow
-Static resource protection - disable
-JavaScript Detections - disable


-Security Level - Medium
-Challenge Passage - 1 week
-Brower Integrity Check - Enable
-Privacy Pass Support - OFF

-Polish - Lossy
-Auto Minify - JavaScript, CSS, HTML enable
-Brotli - OFF

  • Early Hints - enable
    -Enhanced HTTP/2 Prioritzation - enable
    -TCP Tubo - Enable
    -Mirage - Disable
    -Rocket Loader -Disable(Cannot add items to shipping cart by the mobile users if we enable this feature)
    -Automatic Signed Exchange (SXGs)-Disable
    -AMP Real URL - Disable
    -Mobile Redirect - Disable

-Argo Tiered Cache - enable
-Caching Leve - Standard
-Browser Cache TTL - 3 hours
-Crawler Hints - OFF
-Always Online- OFF
-Development Mode-Disable

Page Rules - see the screen shots

For the Network "ON"setting are as follows:

-HTTP/3 (with QUIC)-On
-0-RTT Connection Resumption-On
-IPv6 Compatibility-Disable
-gRPC- On
-WebSockets- On
-Onion Routing - Disable (The mobile user cannot visit the web site if we enable this feature)
-Pseudo IPv4- OFF
-IP Geolocation - Disable
-Maximum Upload Size-100MB

Scrape Shield - All are disable

We do not know if we enable some features of Cloudflare to cause these error.

Thanks for your help!

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Test Before You Post
Unsure of the issue? Test before posting using the Cloudflare Diagnostic Center: Diagnostic Center | Check SSL and Test Website Security | Cloudflare

It seems like your origin server does not respond properly at times.

For starters, pause Cloudflare and wait for a few minutes to take effect. And then, try load the page again and see if you still getting blank pages / empty content type.

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