Huge amounts of bot traffic, Magento site. cloudflare says its majority human

I get like 12 orders a day… how do I max out my site bandwith on Likely human bots?

its 2/3 of my traffic as likely human, the site is on magento

theres no way this is all human.

And when I see these huge googlebot crawls… can I even do anything about that anymore? It seems like google deprecated the function to request a rate limit in search console.

This HUGE bandwith is going to eat my server costs… and theres NO WAY its customers!

Hi @alex182 ,

I’m on magento also.

Under Security then Analytics in your cloudflare account, can you identify if it is a single IP address or User Agent?

It is under Source IP or Source Agent.

It is unlikely to be Google bot crawls as these have a crawl budget and most people want those crawls to happen to help websites get indexed.

Send a screenshot if you need help.


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