Hubspot to Cloudflare Connect your Domain Errors

We are getting the following error from hubspot after making all of the entries according to their Connect your Domain support pages.

Hubspot settings for connecting your Cloudflare domain.
Connect a new domain
In your HubSpot account, click the settings icon in the main navigation bar.
In the left sidebar menu, navigate to Website > Domains & URLs.
Click Connect a domain.
Select the type of domain you want to connect: …
Click Connect then wait,

Once it comes back we get the following consistent error.

If Hubspot is checking what IP address(s) your domain resolves to, then you would have to disable the Cloudflare proxy (DNS-Only or :grey: mode) … at least to get past the verification stage.

After the initial verification, you may be able to turn on the Cloudflare proxy (:orange: mode). If in doubt, confirm with Hubspot.


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