Hubspot root domain support and subdomain

Dear Folks,

i have been trying to find the answers to my doubt in here but couldn’t find the appropriate case.
We would need to use Cloudflare to enable TLS (hence HTTPS) on a subdomain of a domain root which is mainly hosted on Hubspot.

Cloudflare can only manage the whole domain so we’d have to move the TLS support away from Hubspot (which relies on Cloudflare already) and have our HTTPS enhanced by Cloudflare directly overall.

Is having the SSL entirely on cloudflare and detached from a Hubpost site embedded functionality and compatible scenario for Cloudflare (i am also enquiring with Hubspot…).

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Hi @fc1,

I don’t know about Hubspot’s configuration specifically, however if they also use Cloudflare, you may run into The orange to orange problem. If this is the case, you might not be able to proxy the domain/subdomain pointing to Hubspot, but you could still proxy other subdomains that weren’t affected.

You should have a certificate and your site already working over HTTPS when you add it to Cloudflare, to avoid any issues.

Thanks. That’s precisely what stops me from proceeding with a test.
Waiting on hubpost too.

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