Hubspot gets different values of DNS records than set in Cloudfare

I’m trying to connect my domain to host hubspot

My cloudfare DNS records are as follows:

Yet when hubspot verifies DNS records, it finds different IPs:
A @
A @

Whois lookup returns cloudfare IPs: and, that’s natural, since I’m using proxy. Yet why hubspot finds different IPs than set in cloudfare?

Kindly assist.

P.S. no firewalls are set on cloudfare

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How long ago did you change records? Using DNS Checker I see France, Spain, Germany and others are showing the same IPs as Hubspot other locations show Cloudflare IPs. So propagation is a potential issue here—DNS records take time to propagate fully.

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Thank you so much! It might be, as I changed records around 12 hours ago.

Thanks again!

You are seeing Cloudflare IPs. That is normal when a you have a :orange: proxied hostname. You can see the IP allocation in the RIPE database in the following link. If you want to see your origin IPs, you need to change the record to :grey: DNS Only. Cloudflare security and other features are not available for :grey: hostnames.


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