HubSpot error 1014 CNAME Cross-User Banned


I’ve just configured hubspot to be hosting my webPage and followed this tutorial to do it. Connect your domain to HubSpot

I configured also cloudflare to point where is supposed to.

But my web page. has this error

I’ve contacted hubspot support but they have not been very helpful.

please help.

Error 1014: CNAME Cross-User Banned

Common cause

By default, Cloudflare prohibits a DNS CNAME record between domains in different Cloudflare accounts. CNAME records are permitted within a domain ( CNAME to ) and across zones within the same user account ( CNAME to ).

Additionally, an error 1014 can be returned when a Cloudflare Apps is used on a client domain which origin is a provider using our SSL for SaaS solution. Unfortunately, this set up is not yet supported.


To allow CNAME record resolution to a domain in a different Cloudflare account, the domain owner of the CNAME target must contact Cloudflare Support and specify the domains allowed to CNAME to their target domain. A Cloudflare Pro, Business, or Enterprise plan is required on the target domain for Cloudflare Support to change default CNAME restrictions.

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Thank you for the quick response.

just to be clear that would be in this case, HubSpot?

Site doesn’t support HTTPS warning

Followed by the CNAME Cross-User Banned error

It might be! But I can see that all of your DNS records (that you provided) in the first screenshot were not proxied! Try changing the CNAME status to “Proxied” to see if that fixes the issue!

Hey, thank you, yep 'ive tried proxied, not proxied, etc nothing works

here is my complete dns records

Do you see any messages above the DNS records (like telling you that records are being exposed) or something like that?

no, I don’t

At this point, you might want to try contacting Cloudflare support about the issue! You can send an email directly to [email protected] or by visiting then clicking the “Submit a request” button at the bottom of the page. Note: If you have a free plan, it’s better to email them directly as the request will likely be automatically closed if you submit a request!

It’s quite clear that the issue is that Hubspot is not configured to respond to requests for As that record is not :orange: Proxied, Cloudflare has nothing to do with this. The DNS record, as entered, is fully propagated. The ball is in Hubspot’s court.


thank you, just send an email to cloudflare, hubspot support told me the same.
If I managed to fix it, i’ll post the solution.

That’s a waste of time. The DNS record is doing exactly as you’ve asked:

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Thank you for the response.

Yeah I know but Hubspot replied this:

So yeah, no real solution

Are they saying they have no idea of the DNS record is correct or not? Where did you find out what it was supposed to be?

p.s. You just flagged a whole bunch of people with MoreHelp 20 minutes after I replied with documented evidence. I’m handing this off now, as it seems you do not feel you’re receiving adequate support from me.


No no, sorry my mistake, You been very helpful.

When I send an email to [email protected]

they told me to, look:

Answering the previous question, the records where taken from the hubspot account config page.

look below

and then on step 5, verification process, it shows:

:point_up: that is incorrect, it is never better to email to Support than it is to contact them via a proper ticket.


  • When you submit a ticket and describe the issue, you are presented with a search of the top self-help support resources based on what you entered.

  • Then we run a series of automated tests and if a ticket needs to be created we add the test results to the ticket with the ability for the engineer to re-run the tests on demand.

If you email support

  • You get a reply that says Thanks for contacting Cloudflare about your issue, but we don’t know the issue
  • The ticket remains untouched until a human can process it.
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Well… clears throat I didn’t know that!

thank you cloonan, i’ve just created a ticket.

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Hi Cloonan,

this was the reply:

Since i’m on a free tier, I really don’t know what to do. I love cloudflare, first time I had an issue.

but maybe it’s easier if I move this domain to another dns provider.