Hubspot causing 1034 Error for one domain but not another

On several of our domains for example, sentapartners. com, we are using hubspot as a website. They have us add two A records, and, and then add the URL again for this works and for negaent. com it doesnt work and the only difference in config is that we use godaddy for registrar on why would we get a 1034 error on one domain vs the other? I agree the IP addresses above are in the cloudflare network but we are successful on one domain vs the other. they are hubspot IPs so I have no idea how this can be an issue.

If you are saying you added A records pointing to and for, that’s not what is showing in the DNS…

No, upon adding them I do get the error, we had to revert it atm.

Make sure when adding the records they are set to “DNS only” to start. Otherwise check with Hubspot as if not working it likely means something needs to be set at their end.

it is set as DNS only, as mentioned all settings in one domain are exactly alike in the other domain except the registrar. Hubspot says since it’s a cloudflare error, we need to ask cloudflare. I’ve seen various people post on this, but considering it works in one domain and not the other domain that we own, i do tend to think this has to be cloudflare related.

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