Hub Spot settings overwrite CloudFlare settings

OK, this needs to be escalated to a manager, I found an issue.

We authenticated blog.domain with Hob Spot and we published a blog there.

Subsequently we moved our blog, and I changed the DNS for blog.domain to point elsewhere, in CloudFlare, our DNS provider. I also set page rules for this subdomain.

None of our changes were taking effect in CloudFlare. Hub Spot’s connection with CloudFlare was overwriting the settings we were making in our console. So our console was reflecting the correct settings (DNS and Page Rule) however CloudFlare was completely ignoring these settings. This continued for 4+ hrs of me jigging with the settings and purging the cache trying to work out why we were getting stale data served.

It wasn’t until I deleted blog.domain out of Hub Spot that instantly all the new settings took effect.

This is crazy. Our direct CloudFlare console needs to be the master and sole source of truth. We can’t have our CloudFlare settings being overwritten by a third party company, with their ‘invisible’ settings taking preference over our own.

Hi @dom5,

When you verify your domain with a provider’s Cloudflare for SaaS, they gain control of the Cloudflare settings until this is removed. They need to remove the domain from their configuration for your own settings to take effect.

And this is what I’m saying is insane. I can understand they can inject settings into CloudFlare, but if I change or remove those settings, my CloudFlare console needs to overwrite the third party, or CF needs to stop me from changing the settings and notify me there is a conflict with a third party that I need to resolve.

No service in the world lets a third party override my first party settings without either warning me or automatically disconnecting the third party.