https www does not resolve. See screenshot (sorry I wrote in full MD and the panel I got error so resorted to uploading this image. Thanks for looking into it.

The error “SSL ERROR NO CYPHER OVERLAP" in Mozilla prevents access to the site because it detects an issue with creating a valid connection to your site. This may be a temporary issue, and should resolve itself within 24 hours. If not, grey-cloud/deactivate Cloudflare so that the website uses the origin’s SSL certificate, see How do I temporarily deactivate Cloudflare? Activate Cloudflare again in 24 hours and try to access your website to see if the SSL certificate has been successfully deployed.

Other successful troubleshooting suggestions can be found in this Community Tip. Let us know if you continue to see issues after trying these tips, we’re happy to help further.

Thank you cloonan for your speedy reply. I’ll wait and do as you said if not (disable/enable origin cert). Is the second redirect - the one that is not working - actually required? If not, I’ll delete it.

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