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Iam trying to setup an HTTPS redirect or iam trying to redirect an ez to remember adress to an google doc share link.

When i try to do the HTTPS redirect in the dns editor:
I fill in the name, priority and target since those are required.
But as soon as i press save a red bar is displayed with this message “DNS Validation Error (Code: 1004) priority is a required data field.”

Is this something you can do?
or do i have to look somewhere else for a solution to this?

Post a screenshot of the DNS record that you’re creating - a missing priority sounds like an MX record which you wouldn’t use for this.

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I would assume so myself, so i was kindof surprised by the error message it self since, as far as i can se i have entered the required information.
And i figured i would have created an screenshot when i created the case, but i did’nt :slight_smile:
but better late than never, here is the screenshot

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As per the example under the value box, the HTTPS RR (HTTPS RR - MDN Web Docs Glossary: Definitions of Web-related terms | MDN) is for providing information about the HTTPS available on a record.

DNS records have no knowledge of paths or schemes - aka the https:// and /spreadsheets/... part of your target.

What you’re after is an AAAA record for goat pointing to 100:: which is proxied (:orange:) to get traffic to Cloudflare and then using a Page Rule to redirect that to your Google Sheet.


Oooh, i did not realize that i could use the page rule feature for this kind of thing.
Since i mainly use Cloudflare for DNS management, and the documentation states “Traffic must pass through Cloudflare for Page Rules to work. If you only use Cloudflare for DNS, Page Rules are not active.”

But thanks for the help, that totaly solved the issue at hand, so i figure that i can do more of theese kind of things?
As loong as i have page rules available that is? is best if you need to do a lot of redirects.

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