I dont’ undestand I have set CNAME it and CNAME the certificate SSL is for and but if I access to the SSL certificate configured work and if I try to access to the certificate is not read and don’t have secure connections SSL.
I cannot set a certificate for or www. the it musto work with only the certificate on *
There’s something wrong on configuration or is not possibile have the certificate SSL on 4° level domain?

The $10/month certificate option lets you do this. Or upload your own on a Business or Enterprise plan.

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Ok, tank you… then I cannot set a
I have set My www.sub. for nothing…

You most certainly can with the above solutions. Though there’s no good reason to use www on a subdomain.

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It’s because I have a short domain for set more subdomians that are other websites.
Yes it’s just for me or somone u can think to access on www.sub… maybe noone… but…

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