My website is showing a 523 error. How can I resolve it? Please help…

Check your DNS settings, see if everything is correct.

A 523 error means your DNS settings are probably incorrect. Or, if it was working before with HTTP, but not with HTTPS, then it means your server isn’t configured to use HTTPS/SSL for your website. Get your host to install SSL and that should fix it. Review the Quick Fix Ideas in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

Hello Floripare. Thank you for the response, but my website has the SSL certificates installed and before I had an issue with redirection but was able to resolve it by uninstalling the Redirect Plugin. But this is due to the IP address mishap. Can you please check my website once and let me know what I can do about it?

Hello @shrushtiand,

We are volunteers and don’t have access to your website other than visiting its URLs and seeing the same error page you see.

Since you mentioned redirects, you can try Purge Everything as well as removing any cache in your origin, see if that helps.

Otherwise, if you already followed the community tips I linked above, and the problem persists, you should open a ticket with Support by clicking on the link // Cloudflare Support // at the top of this page, and hitting the Get more help button.

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