Https without proxying


Is it possible to use https without proxying between the client and cloudflare?

I have 3 CNAME records in my DNS configuration:

  • website - proxied
  • website www - proxied
  • web app - not proxied

I would like for all of the requests to the web app to be https only but I don’t need anything else.
How can I set this up? should I proxy and use page rules?


Just install a valid public SSL Cert on your origin Server and turn all of your DNS records to :grey:.

Then you use CloudFlare in DNS only mode.

Thanks for the quick reply

That’s an option, is it possible to do that through cloudflare and keep only the client <-> cloudflare https?

By the way, how would you create that on EC2 (linux ubuntu)?
Eventually I’ll need a .pem file and a .crt file to provide to the https nodejs module.

Thanks a lot

I honestly now dont know what exactly you want to achive.

Please ask for things like this in other forums as this is CloudFlare related and this topic is not. Or just do you own researches on how to solve this.

I anyway would go with Lets Encrypt. Its simple and fast to implement

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