I just successfully installed the SSL certificates on my site and its sub-site.

However, since both sites are “http” and not “https” the certificate does not show…

Unless i retype https:// and then the urls.

I have the free SSL certificates. And they are set to ‘flexible’ - and, obviously ‘active’.

Is there a quick way to make everything ‘https’ instead of’ ‘http’?

I hope that I don’t have to re-code the entire sites!

The sites are housed on GoDaddy’s Linux Delux Hosting Plan.



Hello @laraine_moore

I would recommend try below two steps.

  • Login to Cloudflare > Select Account > Select domain > go to SSL/TLS menu > Edge Certificate > Enable Automatic HTTPS

  • Scroll down, enable Automatic HTTPS Rewrites

I hope this helps.

Thanks, Gulshan!

I did remember seeing that somewhere.

Yet, I’m grateful that you told me that it is okay to enable the automatic HTTPS rewrites!

That would have been a ridiculous task for me to do that manually, lol!

I will try now!

All the Best! :slight_smile:


Yes, it’s completely safe to enable Automatic HTTPS rewrite, it change all HTTP instance to HTTPS in the HTML page.

You’re welcome! :slight_smile:

Hi Again, Gulshan,

I logged in and saw that the automatic HTTPS Rewrites were already enabled.

And I see that the lock icon appears in the Opera Browser when I just type the site name.

Yet on MS Edge and Chrome the site is not secure. (I’ve only checked the subsite).


Maybe it’s just taking some time to upload, since I did this a few hours ago?

Can I have site URL so I can try to repro the issue at my end? That would be helpful in providing quick assistance. Thanks

Thanks for helping with this:

The parent site is:

The subsite is:

(Both sites are the SAME site.)

Can you please confirm if you have turned on “always use https” ?

I will double-check right now… tks

That was off.

I just turned on “always use HTTPS”…

Hope that helps…

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

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It’s working now in Opera, Chrome and Edge.

I did not clear the browser cache.

Do u see it working on your end?

Thanks!!! :slight_smile:

I can confirm now that as expected, I am able to see HTTPS with green lock. Your site is secured with SSL Cert.



Thank you Gulshan for fixing all this…

and also for teaching me!

Have a wonderful holiday season.



Same for you :slight_smile:

Thanks for the best wishes!


Take Care!

Bye! :slight_smile:

That should be the first thing to change. Flexible should not be picked and is insecure.

You need to make sure that you have a proper certificate on your server (right now your server is not configured at all for HTTPS) and then switch that to “Full strict”. “Full strict” is the only secure configuration.

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