Https vs. http on typing in just domain name:


I have one domain and use the free Cloudflare https settings in WordPress. I am also using the free version of WordPress and have the latest update of 5.0.3. If I type https:// with the domain, I am secure throughout the website session. If I type in just the domain name on its own, Google considers it a http:// site. How do I obtain a secure https site view by just typing in my domain name, please?


Hi @mr_edsmith,

You need to set a redirect from http:// to https://. The easiest way to do this is going to Dashboard > Crypto > Always Use HTTPS and switch it on.

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Thank you so much @floripare . OMG, I thought I had! Doesn’t pay for being lazy. Checking now. Cheers!


Sorry, you do mean in Cloudflare and not my website dashboard, @floripare?


That’s correct. Cloudflare Dashboard > Crypto tab > Always Use HTTPS


Hi @floripare, got it! Thank you so much, again! Ed

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