HTTPS version of website is down

I hope I am at the right place my website is down non encrypted is working.
I run online ssl test which shows no ssl certificate is installed it was working 18 hours ago cannot understand what went wrong.
Test Results: - Why No Padlock?

"This is the error when i try to open 

# This site can’t provide a secure connection

**** sent an invalid response.

* [Try running Windows Network Diagnostics](javascript:diagnoseErrors()).


Please anyone with any solution I will be very grateful.

Thats fact (SEE). Your site does not offer any SSL Cert on HTTPS (Port 443) and therefore the error ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR occours. If it worked 18 hours ago just go and reconfigurate your webserver so it again offers a valid SSL Cert for example Lets Encrypt as you do use CloudFlare in DNS Only mode (:grey:).

Thanks for the reply! I was using Really Simple SSL wordpress plugin along with cloudflare on my godaddy managed plan godaddy does not allow third party ssl I do not know how to manually install a certificate. I Turned On the Proxied A Record its green cloud now
Again thanks and appreciated for the reply

Thats ok, but not good, as this means your SSL Mode is in “Flexible”. Dont do that.
Better install (google for doing so) a SSL Cert on your Origin Server or just use the one provided to you for free from CloudFlare and implement it as now your server still serves unencrypted, but CloudFlare proxies that encrypted.

So basically half of the way the infos you send and receive on your site as getting transfered through the web unencrypted. Even you passwords if you log in!

But anyway I’m happy I could help you in first place, even if I would never see unsing “Flexible” as a solution but instead of a bad implementation of fake security which is in conflict with all GDPR.

As wirtten by the author at:

Get an SSL certificate (can’t do that for you, sorry.) See our recommendations for a free SSL certificate.

This Plugin will not install, nor configurate a SSL Cert for you, but rewrite your links for not having HTTP links, but HTTPS. This actually can be done manually and once so you do not have to have a Plugin which does this on every request.


Thanks again I have managed wordpress hosting so i have no cpanel can i still install cloudflare ssl cert ?? I have access to file browser and ssh.

Thats all you need.
Anyway I would recommend you setting up a Lets Encrypt Cert and not a CloudFlare Cert and Lets encrypt is not limiting you when it comes to the fact that you may one day will turn off proxy and again use CloudFlare as DNS Only as the CloudFlare Cert is not valid if publicly used.

As you seems not do set up a SSL Cert every day I would even searched a tutorial for you which you can follow step by step. Just give me some more infos about your setup:

  1. which OS are you using?
  2. which OS version are you using?
  3. which WebServer is getting used? (Apache/Nginx etc…)

Thats all I need to know to help you further.

Anyway there is also (from “Really Simple SSL”) a good tutorial for installing an free SSL Cert with WordPress:
It recommends two other plugins (SSL Zen or WP Encryption plugin) to do the job.

So you can:

  1. provide me the requested infos
  2. follow the recommendation from “Really Simple SSL” and solve it with Plugins

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