HTTPS Version of my Page Looks Like Crap!

Website looking fine when I’d look for it without https, when I clicked on the title or tried to look for it in https would look like ■■■■:

So I tried to solve it by making the whole website https (not just http) by getting an SSL certificate.

Problem is: now it gets shown only in https and it looks like ■■■■ (like I showed you)

So my question is: How do I solve it? I just want my website to look like I made it…

Thank you in advance!

If the SSL :ssl: isn’t showing correctly, that is often a case of mixed content on your page. If some of the content that is loading is not HTTPS there will be problems. Please check out this KB article for some helpful tips:

How do I fix the SSL Mixed Content Error Message?


Your site is loading fine here. Just one file is still in HTTP, an issue you can solve by enabling Automatic HTTPS Rewrites on the Crypto tab and following the tips @sandro linked to.

If you flush the cache from your browser, you should be able to see it as I see.

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Actually it loads fine for me as well, just like as for @floripare.

Have you tried a different browser? You seem to use IE.

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Ah ok I understandI I will definitely give a look!

@sandro @floripare Guys thank you to your tips it got fixed!!! I just had to clear the cache too :facepalm:

Btw no I use Google Chrome but I wanted to try with other browsers if it kept giving the problem!

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’m so happy you were so quick to answer!

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