Https to https url forward not working

so team, I have a simple question what am I doing wrong?

I want to forward to

I set up the rules below

if you go to it works but I need to have the https://www. working for my google search listing

The ‘www’ is a CNAME that points to Ghost. Is your ‘www’ record set to :orange: Proxied? If not, then click on the :grey: to change it.

And it would be more efficient to set your Page Rule to match: ** and it will do all three rules in one.

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it is set to DNS only and I can’t change it …it states that the record is being managed externally

I tried to delete it and re-add the cname record but it resorts back to dns only and not proxied

thank you for the rule suggestion …but I still need to work

Delete that CNAME and replace it with an “A” record of ‘www’ with a dummy IP address of Then you should be able to set it to :orange: Proxied.

I believe I got it working

so just in case, anyone else is extremely weird like me here’s how I fixed it …I think

so I use for my photography site which has 3 sections… wedding, seniors, and other
I use 1 theme for (my main site)
I also use another completely different theme as a landing page (for my main site) at ( this is what I want everyone to see first when going to yes I know confusing but trust me this is easier than trying to merge 2 websites themes into one via code…I’ve tried

I was able to set up the url forwarding rules so that any form of will lead you to :+1:t5:

but the final piece of the puzzle was to change the cname record from [ wwww “main”] which came over from Godaddy to Cloudflare
cname [www “landing page”]

this seems to work when I even try looking myself up in chrome which I know is cached to high heck the redirect works…I will report back in 72 hours when things should cool down…catch up and likely break but :crossed_fingers:t5:

this is just a test for me should take you to

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