Https & tls 1.2

I have recently implemented https through here on a holding page and all went well when I have now tried to publish the rest of the site via RW using SFTP setting but using the IP address instead of the server name I am having problems it won’t recognise the server. All my details and settings are OK. The server the company are using has just been upgraded to TLS 1.2 and they seem to think its something to do with that or is there anyway it could be linked to me setting up through Cloudflare and having HTTPS now on my site?

I have had two long chat session with their tech support and I seem to be going round in circles. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.

I don’t know what RW is, but if you’ve plugged in the IP address of the actual origin server (not the Cloudflare IP proxy server address), it should make an SFTP connection.

If you have command line access somewhere, try: sftp [email protected] (that server’s IP address)

I do already have the IP address and all the correct settings.

I posted because the two things that have changed since I’ve started having problems is me registering here and adding HTTPS to my site and the hosting company TSOHOST they have changed their servers so trying to eliminate one by one.

Rapidweaver is website creation software and you can publish from inside the software.

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