HTTPS stop working after migration


I just moved a clone from our dev subdomain to the live server and now https stop working.

Notthing else really changed. It is just a 100% clone of the live webserver.
I had to stop clouflare though, because of some nasty time-outs during migration.
But I reactivated already for almost 7 ours now.

So what can be the issue?

Many thanks!

What error do you get, or what unexpected behavior?

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Just a not trusted website through all browsers.
But we have a dedicated SSL certificate from Cloudflare.

I just checked
and it looks ok

Should I just wait?

Loads for me -


Try loading the website in an incognito/private browser instance, as the old DNS address is probably cached in your existing browser session.

Yes, it seems to be working now. Thanks!

I have the almost same issue, I am using Cloudflare for my site, it is properly opening with google chrome and Firefox browser however on safari browser it is opening without https. what could be the issue? please help.

Can you also try opening in an incognito/private browser? It’s working for me


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