HTTPS slow loading time 14 seconds


I just put my site on Cloudflare. The performance on my site has been fully tweaked to be as good as possible.

The issue I’m experiencing is that https needs all from 8-16 seconds to load, it’s waiting time is huge and I don’t know the reason.

If I access my site with https:// and immidiatly after do a metrix test the https loading time can go down to 1 second. But that will only last for some minutes.


Looks good to me from Frankfurt

From Sydney


I put it on Cloudflare yesterday around this time, does it 24 hours or so before it’s fully in a workable condition?

Yea looks good from my end at the moment as well. Will do some more testings tomorrow.


Seems still that the first hit takes the longest time, so if no one has visited the site for a quite time, the first can wait 15 seconds, but if someone visits just some minute after then https waiting time is 1 to 2 seconds.

And you have to visit it with https:// in the URL box, if you use just www. or https will still have issues.

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