HTTPS Secure not working

I’m registered in Cloudflare, and I changed name servers on my domain, I did and 3 Page Rules saw in a tutorial on YouTube but not for redirect to HTTPS, because in this field I’m a beginner and need help. I turned on (always HTTPS). But HTTPS is not working. Is someone helping me what are the main settings to make HTTPS work, to make my site SECURE.

What’s the domain?

Please post the URL of your site.

Works great! Just make sure you turn on “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites” in the Cloudflare SSL/TLS settings page.

Why in my WP dashboard is still NOT SECURE ??!!

Always Use HTTPS and HTTPS Rewrites are OK .

Probably because you weren’t using https:// for the URL. Now with the HTTPS settings, you’ll be automatically redirected to a secure connection.

Thanks ( sdayman ) for your help .

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i am also facing this issue with my

Hi !
I push your site link and shows ( HTTPS ) Secure .
Can you see my site too if is ok ( HTTPS )

Both @syedshayan182’s site and @toptravelreno’s site both are automatically becoming HTTPS.

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After installing SSL Certificate, you have to wait for sometime to update the cache and HTTPS will be properly installed, i installed it on my getpremiumfree website and its properly working now.

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