HTTPS resolving wrong website, HTTP is fine

For some reason the https://www version of the site is going to the wrong place.

My destination URL is a redirection script. works fine. works fine. works fine. shows someone else’s page.

Both @ and www resolve to the same IP in the configuratino.

When I disable Proxy in Cloudflare (Gray cloud in DNS) both resolve fine. When Proxy is turned back on (Orange cloud) the above happens. Tested from multiple systems including VM’s in another state.

Been using CloudFlare for years. This is a new one for me.

And work on HTTPS?

CF just wrote back to me on twitter, I changed the SSL setting from Full to Flex. Seems to be resolved now. I’ve never seen that before, really strange.

You did not fix it, you made your site insecure.

It’s just a redirection domain that hosts no content. The site is fine.

Then the encryption mode shouldn’t have mattered as you are doing that on Cloudflare’s side.

Create a page rule (forwarding URL) to counter that like redirect from to Please note: The http version of a website is less secure than the https version, so privacy errors are more likely with the http version!

Alex here from CF cache team, we did some digging on our side and we think the issue you’re seeing is related to your hosting service.