HTTPS redirects gets ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error

I’ve been running into an issue. I have a domain that I want to redirect. I’ve added it to Cloudflare to manage the DNS and created a page rule to redirect it to another (my primary) domain on Cloudflare.

But when I use the https:// version of the domain, I get an ERR_CONNECTION_CLOSED error. Something is not working somewhere. Please help?

I’m trying to redirect… to as 301 redirect.

Simple. The domain is parked on GoDaddy but nameservers changed to CF. Pagerule is as above. SSL is Flexible (I tried all of them, nothing works). should redirect to works fine.


I get a 404 ‘Destination unknown’.

Can you post a screenshot of your page rules please?

Found a workaround. My host allows internal redirects. I won’t need CF.

Try **

Your Page Rule has a dot at the beginning, which covers sub domains like www. mail. and so on. It doesn’t cover the redirect you want to achieve.

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