Https redirection on DNS level, without 80 port

Hello, recently I tried to redirect http to https though “always use HTTPS options” in crypto, But it seems that action goes to 80 port first, then redirect to 443 port. Can I make the redirection happen on the DNS level only? even my 80 port is disabled? even users visit my http site?
Please any body kindly help me,Thanks!

DNS can’t do HTTPS redirect.

It’s going to hit Port 80 on Cloudflare, then redirect to Port 443 on Cloudflare. If someone is hitting Port 80 on your site, they might be bypassing Cloudflare, but that would take some effort on their part.

What’s your SSL setting? Flexible or Full?

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Hi Sdayman, Thanks for your kindly answer~! I think I understand your mean. The redirection is by the Cloudflare server near the website visitors.
I have my own SSL already, so I change the SSL setting as Full.
But the problem is: somearea can visit my 80 while somearea can’t.
So not everyone in the world can visit my site because of the different responses from my 80.
What I want to know is: Can I specify the cached node? Those who can’t visit my 80 area, I set up as NO CACHE from there. In another word, no matter where the visitors is, they only be bypassing Cloudflare node in the USA.
Can I achieve this? even it’s not free I can pay. thanks~!

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