HTTPS redirection error for subdomains

Hi Good People!
Greetings from the Earth. New member at the community but old member of the main site.

Right now, I have one error with HTTPS redirection.

For some subdomains, I activated managed challenged.
The problem is, when I access with the domain without https it will make a loop (checking human/not, refresh, verify again, refresh then throw an error at the end).

I’ve tried to enable HTTPS redirection with either:

  1. Automatic HTTPS Rewrites with Configuration Rules (beta)
  2. Static and Dynamic redirect with Single Redirects (Redirect Rules)
  3. I have enable automatically HTTPS Rewrites on SSL/TLS >> Edge Certificates section

Unfortunately none of them is not working. The site keeps throwing error.
I have to manually type https:// in front of the subdomain.

The question is, is the redirection must be set manually?
I have seen some website with managed challenged, and they are automatically switch to https after verify process.

Please enlighten me.


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