Https redirect not working for infinitiq

hi all - we have added a website called - infinitiqdotin on Cloudflare. The domain is registered with godaddy. The http was working fine , but after enabling SSL , the https url link is not working. below is the screenshot of the Cloudflare config. i have done all the basic ts steps as suggested but still nothing works. any thoughts ?

Hello there, its absolutely working fine for me.

Here's what you can do

Clear the browser cache files
Try using incognito browser
Try using different device

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Thanks for the response. I have done that but still the page as below. Not sure what you see.

Check this as you say. Https is working.

However, the point here is the content is not loading as expected by you. The page throws the 404 error. This simply means there’s no content in it while the rest of the page is absolutely loading well. It is better you check from the host side.

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thanks again . we figured out that it was not loading as expected when the proxy was switched on . its working if we switched off the proxy. Why is that behaviour ?

Currently, I see your site is loading. Is that correct?

It could be due to the SSL mode you’ve set to. You can read more here:

If the SSL certificate does not match with or other configurations go wrong, Cloudflare fails to connect with the server.

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