HTTPS redirect except one domain

Dear all,
I’ve got a website with several subdomains all working with HTTPS. However, there’s one specific subdomain (leading to an external service: which MUST not use HTTPS.

When I initially browse (in an incognito window, for example) it does work but as long as I visit, the redirection is stored and I can no longer enter the http version of (thus, leading to an error)

I’ve tryied disabling “Always Use HTTPS” and configure it only for “” using a “Page redirect” rule but it is not working

Thanks for your help

Welcome to the Cloudflare Community. :logodrop:

You have enabled an HSTS header that includes subdomains. That will prevent HTTP access.

I would consider devising a means of enabling HTTPS for that hostname. If there is no way to implement HTTPS on that hostname, you will need to adjust your HSTS header settings. These headers can be added by your origin server or Cloudflare. Here is the Cloudflare documentation.


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