Https redirect all domains to primary domain

we have added the ssl certificate to one of our website; we do all the steps to activate ssl on our website: gecos-costruzioni,com and it is active. But if we add the HTTPS before, it redirect to www.pramaweb,com (that is a different domain inside the root) instead of httpS://www.gecos-costruzioni,com/. We have shared hosting Deluxe from GoDaddy.

For me HTTPS works. You do have a mixed content issue though, even though that is unrelated to the issue you mentioned.

We know that https work, so we are asking why instead to redirect on the correct domain, it redirect to the wrong domain in the same shared hosting. Try to add https before ad it will redirect to https,www, insead of the correct website Gecos

It does not redirect, and that was my point :wink:

So do you know why redirect to that is wrong domain?

If it happened to me as well I’d say a wrong configuration on your server. In this case however it rather seems like you are using some previously cached value somewhere. Try clearing your cache and restart the browser. Maybe its even a DNS issue.

Cache have been purged, but the issue is still remain.

Please check: and it will redirect to a wrong website that we have in the same GoDaddy Hosting Linux Ultimate.

For the third time :wink: it does not. It loads the site


What IP address does it return if you ping the domain? Do you possibly have a hosts file entry?

Are you expecting something else? No redirect for me.

Probably browser or DNS cache. Try from private browser window.

please add the https:// before the domain

You see the correct link, bu I see

Also loads just fine for me. It may be a DNS caching issue on your end.

As I mentioned three times so far and as you can see from the screenshot, I did.

From the cell phone now I can see the correct url, so I think you have right and must be the cache of my pc.
It is strange because I have deleted cache several time also with Clic and Clean App for Chrome.
Now activated hotspot of the cell phone, and I can see the correct website. Maybe the IP of the router…

Thank you very much to all for helping me.

Best regards

Thanks Sandro for the support. I have resolved now.

It might be router or even ISP caching DNS. You have to use custom DNS., or even from Google. Never use default garbage from ISPs they call DNS.

Now thats a bit of an exaggeration :wink:

Why? Many ISPs log DNS records (especially in countries with heavy censorship) and use unreasonable caching. Once I had to wait for 14 hours before one of the major ISP refreshed cache for my domain :man_facepalming:
From same country, 30% of visitors were connecting to old server and another 70% to new one.

Not saying there cant be good reasons to use an alternative resolver, however saying every ISP resolver is automatically “garbage” and one “has to use” alternative ones is the exaggeration.

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