HTTPS Received fatal alert: handshake_failure problem

I run a magento ecommerce site, and I am using Cloudflare with it.
We use a payment gateway to do payments through a provider, so when users place an order, the site forwards to the gateway, the payment is done, and after that can get back to my site, this is a common way.
My problem, is when the credit card gateway sends a callback to my site, it gets an error if using Cloudflare with CDN (orange cloud). If I deactivate CDN, (grey cloud) then it works perfectly, but then I lose most of the benfist of using Cloudflare.
If I set up the gateway to send its response through unsafe http then it works without a problem but I configure to be sent through https then there is a HTTP 500 error, and my site never receives the payment confirmation. The gateway gets “Received fatal alert: handshake_failure” . If I deactivate cache (grey cloud), no problem, but as soon as I activate I have this error.
I tried to create a page rule for that callabak link , that disables security, Cache Level: Bypass, Disable performance…" but the “Received fatal alert: handshake_failure” still happens.
There is something with the https comunication between the credit card payment gateway and Cloudflare, that produces this error.

Any aideas, about how to solve this?
Is there a way to see log or debug the communication between the gateway and Cloudflare?

Thanks so much

Worldpay by any chance?

No, Redsys, the main gateway at Spain.
But if request the link from , or if create an HTML form and I do it myself, it works.
It just happens that error with Cloudflare.
What cold be wrong?

Maybe the same issue as at WooCommerce Worldpay handshake_failure Not Completing Order. You should clarify that with your payment provider.

Is there a way to check the communication between the gateway and Cloudflare, where can I see logs at Cloudflare? This way, I could see why the failure is happening


I had the same painful experience wiuth redsys - they have some of the worst support ont his planet.
Basically you have to edit the plugin to change to http instead of https fro the notification url

line 39

    $this ->notify_url        = add_query_arg( 'wc-api', 'WC_redsys', str_replace('https','http',home_url( '/' )) );

Of course this is just a workaround - redsys should support the valid certificates supplied by Cloudflare

I had also to move to http, to make it work

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