HTTPS randomly stopping to work

HTTPS randomly decided to give me a “this site can’t be reached” error, but it was working prior. I think i did some nameserver changes but the cloudflare nameservers are still in the nameserver list alongside with digital ocean ones. how do I double check if everything’s in the right place?

That must not be and your entire domain is not active on Cloudflare.

The error also suggests your server is not working on HTTPS, which means the whole site is insecure regardless of Cloudflare or not.

You should first fix the server configuration and make sure it works on HTTPS, once that works you need to complete the Cloudflare setup.

How would I fix server configuration? I haven’t made any noticeable changes (anything that would make it insecure) to the server and it was working just fine prior to that.

You should contact your host for that. The site needs to load fine on HTTPS before you use Cloudflare.

will the digitalocean droplet still work if i remove the digitalocean nameservers? i think at first when the site wasn’t getting accepted (was stuck on pending nameservers), i tried only having the cloudflare ones and it seemed to fix it (i think).

What’s the domain?

Right, your server is not properly configured. Before you do anything with Cloudflare, you need to fix that and make sure the site loads fine on HTTPS.

You changed the nameservers but the server is still not properly configured. The site is still insecure

How would i configure the server? i still don’t get what you mean by it.

As I mentioned, your host needs to fix this. Pause Cloudflare and contact your host to get the site working on HTTPS

Your server needs to be configured for SSL

I’ll see what I can do. thank you for replying.

Sure, but for starters you should really pause Cloudflare as otherwise you cannot fix that.

I am stressing that as your site currently has no encryption and its traffic can be hijacked by anyone.

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