Https protocol - redirecting a domain with no website

We have several domains that we manage in Namecheap. These domains used to have websites/hosting set up, but we no longer have the sites, so they aren’t being hosted anywhere. We have all of the domains set up to redirect to our main business website and one other site, but I just realized that the HTTPS:// protocol version of the domains we’re trying to forward/redirect are not resolving correctly because there are no SSL certs or CPanels to log into to set that redirect up correctly. I was reading in some help forums that this type of redirection is available in Cloudflare, so I wanted to learn more about how to do that. Can I add domains to my account that are managed somewhere else and then manage the SSL and redirects in Cloudflare?
And if so, what is the cost? I have 8 domains I need to do this with.

Yes, you can do this with Cloudflare. There is no cost.if you only need a single redirect per domain.

However, you will then need to manage DNS for these domains from Cloudflare.


OK, great.
I don’t think we have any other DNS settings for any of them, so it should be pretty simple. But good to know that all management would then have to be here.

OK, actually - that brings another question.
If I redirect the https: version, will all other versions resolve? Like www. and @?

You need to create proxied DNS records for all names that you want to redirect, in this case @ and www.

Then you can create a redirect rule where you can specify something like if hostname ends with .com so that everything redirects.

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