HTTPS only works on some device and with Google DNS

It’s been 2 days since I am facing this issue; If I try to visit my naked domain ( on my pc (both incognito and none), the HTTPS is not showing or working but if I add a www on it; it will work.

However, when I also tried to use my phone with a data connection and an another phone which is also connected on the same wifi network. The HTTPS works on both devices.

I also tried to flush dns on my computer and deleted cache but it’s still. And I tried to use a Google DNS (, the HTTPS is working on my pc, but if ever I don’t use is, it will go back to non-https.

Don’t know what to do then cause I am worried if on some devices/visitors will also face this issue. I don’t want to use .htaccess redirection since the HTTPS is working.

Thanks, appreciate all of the replies. Have a good day! ~Best, Lei

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