Https on wordpress multisite with domain mapping

Hello all, can anyone help me to get https for my wordpress multisite with domain mapping?. Say my site is https://mygoodsite(dot)net and the subsite is https://mygoodsite(dot)net/num1 however if I use a domain mapping plugin and I map zianimensclothing(dot)com to mygoodsite(dot)net/num1 i get a not secure warning although the url bar now says zianimensclothing(dot)com. I installed a ssl from lets encrypt. Thanks in advance.

You mean an origin certificate? On your server?

ssl certificate (don’t know if origin certificate is same) installed on digitalocean server. If you check you will see i set the subsite as the primary domain, otherwise i will get the not secure message from browser. Thanks redirects to There is a valid certificate on your server for the latter domain, but not the former.

Also, your domain is not properly configured for Cloudflare. It still points to Digital Ocean instead of Cloudflare.

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