Https on cloudflare IPs

I am scanning my website using however it seems that this tool checks the ip address for ssl connectivitiy as well. Therefore it is marking my domain an not secure…can this be fixed? details below:

Your website does not offer HTTPS.

Test explanation:
We check if your website is reachable on HTTPS. If so, we also check in the below subtests whether HTTPS is configured sufficiently secure. HTTPS guarantees the confidentiality and integrity of the exchanged information. Because it is situation depended how (privacy) sensitive and valuable information is, a secure HTTPS configuration is important for every website. Even trivial, public information could be extremely sensitive and valuable for a user. Note: for performance reasons the HTTPS test section only runs for the first available IPv6 and IPv4 address.

Technical details:
Web server IP address HTTPS existent
2400:cb00:2048:1::681c:852 no no

You have > a dozen websites, so not sure which one you were testing. But there’s nothing to be fixed, Cloudflare won’t proxy a request directed to just our IP we’d have no idea where to route it. Since you can’t access your site in that manner, there wouldn’t be any security risk associated with it.

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