HTTPS not working on Subdomain

Hello, One of my Client is using “Weebly” and “Cloudflare”.

Before using Cloudflare, the website had “https” (not the subdomain) and I wanted the subdomain to have https.

So I suggested using Cloudflare. But subdomain still does not have https:


SSL is set to “Full”. Because we were getting “too_many_redirects” error when SSL was set to “Flexible”. Here are the DNS settings

Hi @kamal5chhirang,

The DNS settings don’t quite seem to tie up with what I am seeing. Your screenshot shows them all :grey:, but for both the root domain and subdomain you mentioned, they seem to be :orange:, which is good - that means Cloudflare is enabled on the site.

You are right to have SSL not set to Flexible, it should ideally be Full (strict). When I load the subdomain over HTTPS, I get a 521 error, which would suggest that the server is not configured tor HTTPS on that subdomain. You will need an SSL certificate on that server and it will need to be configured to use HTTPS.

So Cloudflare cannot provide HTTPS for subdomain?

My client is using Weebly, and there is no option to add “https” to subdomain. However, the domain has HTTPS without cloudflare also.

I have very less knowledge about this stuff. Just relying on google searches. Thanks a lot for your time to reply.

You can get ‘partial’ HTTPS from Cloudflare withiut having SSL on the server, but this is not secure and can cause issues. In general, you need an SSL certificate on the server for the subdomain to load over HTTPS.

What do you mean by Partial SSL?

I have another website using Cloudflare, and but different server. Is it using full SSL or partial SSL?

The flexible SSL mode only secures the part of the connection between the visitor and Cloudflare, not between Cloudflare and the server.

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Ohhh. For now, I just want to hide the “not secure” text. So If Cloudflare can provide Partial SSL, it will be good.

Hey, Domjh. So it’s possible to get Partial SSL just from Cloudflare right? Can you tell me, what I can do to add SSL to the subdomain? Thank you.

Hi @kamal5chhirang,

Yes it is, you set your SSL mode to ‘Flexible’, but this is not recommended and not secure, just to stress!

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My SSL mode was Flexible before. But the Subdomain was still not HTTPS. Also I was getting “Too_many_redirects” error on the main domain.

You will have to use a page rule to set the SSL mode on the subdomain to ‘Flexible’, but leave the main domain as Full (strict).

Any article or tutorial on how to do that on Cloudflare? I am unable to find a good article. Maybe, I am trying the wrong keywords. Thank you

There wasn’t one that I knew of before… But there is now!

This example shows the subdomain set to ‘Off’ but you will want that ‘Flexible’ Again, to stress (just in case I haven’t done so already), this is not fully secure!!!

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