HTTPS Not working on sub domain


let’s say my domain is
I added www and * to A records.

I can access to this https test,com properly
Now I want people to access “sub” as subdomain which will just show everything same as primary domain.
but when I tried to access https on “sub” it shows “refused to connect”
I tried to add a “sub” in A record then I can access to this subdomain

How can I access to every subdomain without having to add A record for every single subdomain?
because I intend to redirect all of my subdomains to shows everything the same as the primary domain.
so even subdomain ABC not exists I still want to allow accessing to it.

Please suggest,
Thanks in advance.


Cloudflare doesn’t proxy wildcard DNS. You would have to manually add an “A” record (or CNAME) for each subdomain.


Is it possible to do https on all subdomain If I purchase a cert ?


No. Please refer to the article, only enterprise level accounts have this capability.


This would lead me to believe your SSL mode is “Flexible” and you do not have SSL enabled on your server and no certificate configured. This is not secure I am afraid. You still need a certificate on your server too and should switch to “Full strict” in this case.

Apart from that, @sdayman basically hit the nail on the head. You cannot enabled proxying for wildcards but, yes, you can have HTTPS on all the desired hosts, however you need to configure them separately. A wildcard wont work.

A do not forget to configure your server for HTTPS :wink:

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