HTTPS not working. How to fix?

https is still not working.

I added website to Cloudflare. updated my dns records in GoDaddy.
I enabled Always Use HTTPS.
I enabled Automatic HTTPS Rewrites.

https - This site can’t be reached
http - not secure

How can I fix this?

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Your server is not secure and first needs to be configured for SSL. Your host needs to do that and you need to contact them to get that fixed.

I’d recommend to pause Cloudflare (bottom right), talk to the host to get your server configured for SSL. Once it loads fine on HTTPS, you can unpause Cloudflare.

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Thanks for the response.

My website is hosted from SmarterAsp. Do I need to install SSL there? Can I install Cloudflare’s free ssl there?

I remember some time ago I activated Cloudflare, and website was showing secure and https was working. I did not need to do any changer on SmarterAsp.

Also wanted to note that, the website is redirecting when I use VPN (USA). So it must be working for some regions, and not for others? I cannot access https from Azerbaijan, but with VPN it works

Yes, you also need an SSL certificate on your origin server for a secure setup. If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your origin server, your site will still be insecure (even if your browser says it’s secure) and you might run into issues such as redirect loops.

If your hosting provider can issue an SSL certificate for you, I’d recommend going with that option.

Otherwise, if your hosting provider allows you to upload your own certificate, you can generate a Cloudflare Origin Certificate in the dashboard → SSL/TLS → Origin Certificates.

Once you’ve done that, set the encryption mode to Full (strict) in the Cloudflare dashboard → SSL/TLS and your site should load fine.

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Yes, of course you need to install a certificate on your server. But once you paused Cloudflare that should be all obvious and your host should be able to assist you. If you need a certificate you can also get an Origin certificate from Cloudflare.

Hence pause Cloudflare and contact your host for further details. Once your site works on HTTPS, Cloudflare won’t be an issue.

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Thank you albert and sandro for your responses :slight_smile: