Https not working for .tk apex domain on github for hugo site

Hello everyone,

Would it because I’ve registered a free .tk domain at freenom that my free ssl certificate with Cloudflare is not working on my hugo static html generated site at github?

I changed the nameservers to Cloudflare at freenom and it says here that my ssl cert is active
but on freenom I’m not sure if I have waited long enough since I changed nameservers a few hours ago but it gives no indication of what is going on.

Meanwhile I updated CNAME on github and added domain selecting https but when I go to my
site at it warns that site is insecure and will not load.

Hoping someone has some experience with this and can offer advice.


Except for not having a www record (which is not necessary by any means though) your setup looks okay to me. You dont even seem to have mixed content issues, however the script at /50-50/dist/js/app.3fc0f988d21662902933.js fails to load. Maybe that is the reason why your site is not properly rendering.

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