HTTPS not support in Chrome Windows xp


I enabled “Always use https” in Crypto but found that Chrome in XP not support.
Error “This site can’t provide a secure connection.”

What should I do to fix this problem?

Pro plan plus Dedicated SSL certificate or Pro plan only?

You need a paid plan in that case.


I believe a dedicated SSL cert will also work.


No idea, I would assume it is cipher and not certificate related but I guess thats something only support can clarify for sure :man_shrugging:

The article states

Note: If you need more compatibility with older browsers/operating systems, such as Windows XP and Android 3.0 and earlier, please check out our Pro, Business, or Enterprise plans.


I also argue that XP support should not be considered - XP itself is no longer supported by MSFT, and Google has a big warning on the new tab pages about how Chrome will not receive updates on XP.


Google Chrome browser in Windows XP not support HTTPS.
Error “The site can’t provide a secure connection.”

I read the article only paid plan can support.
Which plan should I choose? Pro plan plus Dedicated SSL certificate or Pro plan only?


It looks like the Pro Plan would be enough.


Also, if possible, could you post your domain? I believe even chrome on XP supports certificate SAN’s and SNI, so the issue might not be related to the free plan.


Is this the solution in Pro plan?
disable Legacy Browser Support under the Crypto page on the Cloudflare dashboard


I think that Enable Legacy toggle is gone. I don’t see it in my Pro Plan site. That’s Biz and Enterprise only.

EDIT: It looks like “Disable Legacy” is the default here, but Biz and Enterprise plans let you Enable it. The wording is pretty weird:



I just purchased Pro plan.
Where is the “Legacy Browser Support” settings?


In the ‘Crypto’ section.


Problem solved. I upgraded to PRO.
Just need to wait untill the configuration automatically done by Cloudflare.
Now I have 3 certificate. SHA 2 ECDSA, SHA 2 RSA and SHA 1 RSA.


I’m not seeing any Legacy option in the Crypto settings page of my Pro Plan site. I do have a Dedicated Cert and have disabled Universal SSL if that might be why.

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