Https Not Showing on my site after i have activated with cloudflare free account

Hy, please help!

I have successfully linked my new WordPress blog Yet I am still getting errors on different browsers saying invalid SSL certificate issued. Please help with this.

PS: Its same settings I used on my other blog, Everything works all perfectly well in all on this site. I have tried every other setting I could configure to have the SSL work on bestproducts2buy but to NO AVAIL. Please, urgent help is needed.

Hi @krissochris,

That site loads fine over HTTPS for me, try clearing your cache.


I don’t know where my problem is coming from.

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I successfully activated same on… It’s live now and working fine.

Or could the problem be related to IP or anything from my end?

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Like I say, loads fine for me

Probably a cached value somewhere on your end. Either wait for it to clear or clear your browser cache / use incognito window and clear your DNS cache.

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I’ve done all that and to no avail still. Maybe I should just wait for some hours.

Thanks for your immeasurable concern… I really do appreciate.



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