HTTPS Not Found on Accelerator

I have domain and webhosting.
cloudflare DNS on webhosting.
cloudflare ssl setup to force https
domain only shows


Not Found on Accelerator

Description: Your request on the specified host was not found. Check the location and try again.

how can i fix that?

it looks like certificate is issued for different domain.
How can i solve this?

You will need to fix your server certificate. Contact your host and make sure they configure a valid certificate for your domain.

domain points to cloudflare
webhosting directed me to cloudflare

certificate points to CN =

Precisely, an invalid certificate on your server side. You (or your host) need to fix that.

im getting this certificate from cloudflare.
webhosting wants a fee for issuing lets encrypt certificate, no other options.

No, Cloudflare does not do that. What you are referring to is the proxy certificates, which are not related to your server certificate.

Lets Encrypt certificates are free, if your host charges you you should change the host. Free Cloudflare origin certificates would also be an option but I guess you host wouldnt allow them either.

Bottom line, find a better host :slight_smile: