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My google search engine says a lot of pages have: HTTPS not evaluated. Now it won’t index pages and posts with that warning. How come I get this message, or how do I fix this?

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This simply means to say that you have certain or (any no) of pages that are still using http and not https.

It will fix once you fix these changes.

There are couple of areas where you need to look into the code and make changes. Here is the Google Dev guide:

I have same problem since few days ago. I use Wordpress. I can’t figure out the problem. I know that Google added HTTPS section in Webmaster page. It might be problem at Google. I read somewhere that problem can arise when you change manuall url before publishing post but it seems that is not the reason. And I think a have some new pages without that https problem. It is huge problem since it createa delay in indexing

@crodexter Follow the above link for the solution

Thank you for the link and message. I’ve seen it couple of days ago but it does not help. I’ve checked everything. I am afraid it is probably Google issue. After they added HTTPS check multiple people have problem.

@crodexter Once the necessary changes are made as pointed by the Google, open the https report again and recrawl for the same. It will take time. :upside_down_face:

Withou any change some pages are ok from the first crawl. And some might get ok after some time without any change. I am not sure for now about automatic fix.
Don’t get me wrong. We all know first step is troubleshoot our pages but it is strange more peple have same problem at once. Ok, it might be that Google now crawl and check https in different way and now errors at our end are visible. Anyway, i checked all google guidelines

After I requested new indexing post is indexed and HTTPS is ok within an hour. Post was published 8 hours ago. And I didn’t change anything. I bet it is Google mess.

I’m also facing the same issue.

I think Cloudflare is the problem, I have another website not linked with Cloudflare hasn’t any Https issue, but the website that is linked with Cloudflare has this issue!!

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You may debug it and dig more instead of mere speculation here while Google claims its necessary change!

yeah guys you are right , it also occurring in our google console too, but it’s actually google update and its new feature , it will be resolve automatically no need to worry. :upside_down_face: :slight_smile: :wave:

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Please use Simple SSL Plugin in your Site. If you’re using Wordpress CMS in your site.

not using Cloudflare but same issue

Same issue. Does anyone issue get fixed? Any other solution?

Lately, I always get the error on new posts and products, and after 2-3 days its gone, I believe it has to do with google and just needs some time to get fixed

I also facing issues with my websites pages SSL Lock does not appear

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